I need a logo + brand help!

Want to turn heads, make people whisper, and come out of the gate shiny, new, professional, and powerful?
It starts with a really good logo (something we happen to be good at).
A great logo is an integral part of a successful marketing strategy, right up there with high quality products and services.


Your hit the ground running launch / relaunch powerhouse! Everything you need to set yourself up for success!

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This is for you if...

You are picking up what we are putting down about the importance of logos and brands and are ready to invest time and money into developing your visual identity! You may have an existing brand that needs a visual boost, or you might be starting a new company that needs a strong identity!

So, why is a logo + supporting brand important?

Think of the logo as the "face" of your business; a recognizable symbol, icon, or word that tells potential clients a little bit about you at first glance. It should grab attention, separate you from the competition, and be memorable enough to create brand loyalty. Branding makes up the other visual elements of your business including your website, business card, email signature and so much more. Consistent branding shows that you're dependable, legitimate and organized.

How can Bark Help?

We create original brands that visually show the personality of your business and catch the attention of your ideal audience. We work with you to determine who your target demographic is, and how best to attract them.

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" When we first contacted Bark we knew where we wanted to go, we were in a hurry to get there, but we had NO IDEA how. I don’t feel like we gave them much to work with but somehow Chelsey and Carmen were able to produce a brand that reflected who we are and what we do. Enter Crystal who managed to capture our team perfectly in photos and made the experience so easy and efficient. "
" Bark made things happen within our desired timeline, while being professional, responsive, and friendly. We are absolutely thrilled with every item that Bark has designed for us, but the very best thing is that working with Bark  has guided us through the process of articulating who we are and what we do, which has given us confidence in ourselves and our abilities. "

Ciara McIlwaine, Two Rivers Legal Professional Corporation

What does this process look like?


Fill out our logo specific questionnaire to give both you and us clarity on color, style and direction. Create a pinterest board of your brand hopes, dreams & desires and the rest is in our hands!


Based on your questionnaire and pinboard, we design 2 moodboards (different from each other) to narrow down brand direction so that we can more easily establish a direction right out of the gate and niche down to the aesthetic you desire right from the start.

Concept Delivery

Logo(s) ideas are presented and narrowed down so that you can physically see the name of your business designed in the style that you have chosen.

1-Hr Brand Photoshoot

Our brand photographer will capture professional images that you can use online or in print media that will stop the scroll (or the page flip if you are marketing early 2000 style - no judgment, it still works too!). This could include products, portraits, and/or production

Brand Sheets

A visual representation of how your brand should always look and feel. A 'cheat sheet' to use as reference or pass along to anyone using your brand (brand colors, fonts + usage, high-quality logo)

All Brand Graphics Provided

Tools to DIY your own amazing branded Instagram + Facebook posts, or posters later down the road. (icons,drawings, slogans, or different elements dissected from your logo). This is going to make your life SO MUCH EASIER!

Social Launch Graphics + Canva

How to get your brand in Canva and DIY your own graphics - kind of like graphics for dummies

Your first social preview that will stop the scroll!(facebook cover,profile picture,and instagram profile)

Business Card or
E-sig Design

Whether you are kicking it old school or trending completely online, you can choose a business card design or e-sig that you are proud to show off!

We Value Your Privacy

We value your privacy. We will use the information you have provided to provide you with a response. We will protect your information and report to you immediately, in case of a breach. We will not sell or divulge your information to any other party. If you have questions about any of this, please direct them to: info@barkdesignstudio.com