Over it.
Time to take my logo and brand to the next level.

  • Maybe it’s the color…
  • Maybe it’s the font…
  • Maybe it’s just not you anymore….
  • Maybe you don’t even know what it is….
  • Doesn’t really matter…if looking at your logo isn’t giving you the feel good vibes it once did and it is time to upgrade!
  • Because if you are not feelin it, neither is your customer and that is a problem!


Give your current logo a boost with a little facelift to reinstill your confidence in your product or service!

(logo only, supporting brand graphics not included)

This is for you if...

You know that you need an upgrade but don't want to alienate existing clientele, or completely let go of your current look/feel. Maybe you have a logo that is pixelated or fuzzy and you're open to having it look a bit cleaner!

How can Bark Help?

Not only can we make beautiful new brands, we can take your existing brand and work with you to make it work better for your business. Taking into account a possible shift in interest or likes, a change in audience, or maybe even ownership within a company. Evolution is a beautiful thing and when it comes to your brand, we want to work WITH you to create the brand of your dreams that you can be excited about!

What does this process look like?

Existing logo

Concept 1

We take your existing logo and make tweaks to freshen it up, while maintaining a recognizable look for existing clientele, but with a whole new spin!

Concept 2

A completely new concept one that we think you will love!
Pick one or mash the two together to create a brag-worthy logo


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