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Logos are OUR JAM! Think of your logo as the "face" of your business; a recognizable symbol, icon, or word that tells potential clients a little bit about you at first glance. It should grab attention, separate you from the competition, and be memorable enough to create brand loyalty. We design several variations of your logo (horizontal & stacked orientation, stamp or abbreviated form and then several color options) and whether its a logo redraw, an evolution glow up or a brand new business start up logo - we have you covered!


Different than your logo, branding is everything else in your brand that supports your logo. It is the overarching idea or image of your company that is associated with your service or product. This includes your business name, colors, fonts and any other features that are unique to your company’s personality. They will appear on and around your product, setting it apart from other similar products in the market.

Establishing these components from the beginning and sticking to them throughout your brand on every platform is critical for brand awareness and recognition.

Business Cards

Business cards are one of the most popular forms of print marketing out there, and that's because they work! Being able to give someone your contact information is the basic idea of a business card, but when you work with a designer you can say a lot about your business based on your card. Colours, fonts, images, and paper quality all play a part in making that GREAT first impression.


Billboards are outdoor advertising structures that can reach lots of people, quickly. Allowing you to reach a diverse range of audiences is great for business and strong, powerful branding is what will make potential customers remember you! Billboards are a great way to ensure brand exposure and recall, and is the only medium that allows your message to be seen 24/7!

Canva Templates

Canva is an online editing graphic software that has both a free and paid version. Canva is an easy way to create anything from Instagram posts and stories to print posters. With Canva templates made by us, you can make sure that your brand is consistent in colours, fonts and styles while re-using the templates to share your personalized message. A lot of our clients LOVE how easy Canva templates are to use and re-use.


Brochures are great marketing tools to go one step beyond a business card, but not as far as a product catalogue or booklet. Brochures can mix a good amount of text and images, making it a super versatile option for print material. Brochures are easy to carry, and crease less than an unfolded piece of paper. They can also come in a variety of pages and shapes to best feature your products or services!


Great packaging sells products! Humans are inherently more attracted to beauty than functionality. Well-designed packaging can set you apart from your competitors and makes your product recognizable, and thus connected to your brand. Functionality and aesthetics are a big part in how people will feel about your brand overall. Think of a time when something had flimsy or plain packaging, and you'll know why packaging is important to your value perception!

Vehicle Graphics

Customized vehicle graphics are a great way to get your name out and about, and advertise your business while you work (driving or parked)! There are variations to the amount of vehicle coverage with full wrap, partial wrap, and even smaller decals. Old and outdated vehicle graphics can give potential clients a bad first impression, but great vehicle graphics can make sure that your name gets out there.


Investing in a website for your business has never been more important. Even if you operate locally, many potential clients and customers will check out your website to see who you are and what you do. A professional website makes your business more credible, allows you to show off EVERYTHING that you can do, and ultimately can be the difference between clients choosing you, or a competitor.

We Value Your Privacy

We value your privacy. We will use the information you have provided to provide you with a response. We will protect your information and report to you immediately, in case of a breach. We will not sell or divulge your information to any other party. If you have questions about any of this, please direct them to: info@barkdesignstudio.com